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Focused on reducing waste in a manufacturing system while maintaining productivity, Lean manufacturing is one of the most fundamental and useful ways to optimize your company’s production. This topic is more complex than simply having too much unsold inventory, requiring evaluations of many parts of your business.

In our ever changing landscape, taking on a method of production that prioritizes efficiency and value is crucial to gaining and maintaining new business. This guide will take you through the principles and processes needed to properly implement Lean manufacturing into your business.

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Why is Lean Manufacturing is important?

98% of manufacturing companies expect to increase efficiency with digital technologies.

By 2021, 20% of the top manufacturers will depend on a secure backbone of embedded intelligence, using OiT and automation for large-scale processes.

In 2018, IDC estimated that by this year, 60% of manufacturers will rely on digital platforms which will support as much as 30% of their overall revenue.

Your Lean Services Course Catalog

Catalyst Connection is dedicated to providing instruction and expertise on what our region’s manufacturers need. Through the work and time of our team and connections, we’ve created a guide to implement LEAN manufacturing into your business.

With this LEAN Services Course Catalog, your team will be equipped with how-to-guides, job training and more, all designed to have your facility running as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

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Download our Lean Services Guide to get your company up to speed on how to run smoother and more efficiently.