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Let's Advance Racial & Ethnic Equity in Manufacturing

To Our Valued Partners, Clients and Manufacturers Everywhere:

It is the responsibility of business leaders everywhere to advance racial and ethnic equity throughout every aspect of their organization. This initiative takes a true commitment from not only leadership, but every individual across the organization. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I) is no longer a matter of “if and when,” but a priority and a commitment that businesses of all sizes and industries need to make moving forward.

As Catalyst Connection continues working through our own DE&I strategy, I am proud to share with you the Leading Forward Toolkit, developed in partnership with Sustainable Pittsburgh. Consider this your organizational guide to taking all the right steps toward a more diverse and inclusive workplace. Let’s continue working together to advance racial and ethnic equity across the manufacturing industry.

Petra Mitchell

Petra Mitchell

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DEI Toolkit

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Toolkit

Let this toolkit be your organizational guide to bringing your workforce together toward a common goal: advancing racial and ethnic equity within your company, and ultimately, the manufacturing industry as a whole. Keep reading for Catalyst Connection + Sustainable Pittsburgh’s recommended phases toward creating and implementing your DE&I strategy.

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Phase 1: Engage & Assess

Phase 1 is designed to help you gather the people and information you need to evaluate your company’s racial and ethnic equity and strategically assess opportunities to advance performance in this area through hiring and development practices, culture, and supplier engagement. First, you will assemble an internal strategy team and identify stakeholders who can lead and support your organization’s work in this area. Following this, you will assess your company’s racial and ethnic equity performance and identify what related risks and opportunities equity issues pose to your business.

Phase 2: Commit & Plan

This section of the Leading Forward Roadmap is designed to help you set and implement goals related to advancing racial and ethnic equity. First, set racial and ethnic equity goals by either adopting the CEOs for Sustainability Baseline Commitments or designing goals specific to your organization. Next, use Sustainable Pittsburgh’s action prioritization tool to identify relevant actions your organization has already taken towards these goals and rate other possible actions categorized at “foundational,” “engaged,” or “transformational” levels of impact. You will rate these possible actions along axes of high-to-low challenge for your organization to complete and high-to-low relevance to the risks and opportunities posed to your business by current racial equity performance that you identified in the previous phase of this roadmap. Third, participants will create a plan to implement and monitor their top-priority actions.

Phase 3: Perform & Disclose

Now that you have created a strategic plan for advancing racial and ethnic equity in your business, implement your plan and share your progress! The Phase 3 guide will provide you with frameworks and additional resources to utilize as you begin taking action toward your DE&I goals.

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