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How to be an Innovative Manufacturer

DMI, a leader in innovation, operations, and sustainability in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC), began its Industry 4.0 journey in 2015. Involved in lean manufacturing and focused on continuous improvement for 15 years, DMI believed it had exploited as much of the low-lying fruit in efficiency gains and gone as far as it could using this method. Continuing to manage the Lean program as a staple throughout its manufacturing cells and processes, DMI decided to take the next step to improve its operations, reduce the burden on its workers, and enhance the sustainability of its operations. Its new innovation plan focused on adopting robotic and advanced analytic technology, enhancing worker safety, and reducing its environmental footprint.

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Download your copy of the case study and learn more about:

  • Women in Manufacturing
  • Manufacturing Line Automation
  • Prioritizing Industry 4.0 Activities
  • Smart Manufacturing