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The Emerging Leaders in Manufacturing (ELM) is a 21 month, highly immersive, cohort-based, project-based leadership development program focused on high potential employees in manufacturing and related companies. Everyone has untapped potential and the ELM program is committed to helping people reach that potential.

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Soft skills In the 21st century especially, technical skills have become commodities. Research clearly shows that leaders increasingly need to be self-aware, situationally aware and bring high-level collaboration skills and empathic thinking.


The ELM program is focused exclusively on soft skills. Program participants tend to already be deep in technical skills, but need to increase their ability to develop relationships, leverage the work of teams and envision the future. We’re on it.


Cohort-based Adult learning benefits from a social environment, with lot of opportunities to reflect on one’s own circumstances and experiences, but in the context of others who are in a roughly similar situation.


The ELM program involves peer groups of roughly eight individuals in each cohort. The diversity of roles, company environments and personality types creates a dynamic learning environment that can’t be replicated within a single company.


Customization and application Leadership development at 30,000 feet is ineffective. It must address the unique circumstances of each person and emphasize the application of new skills in the emerging leader’s particular environment.


The ELM program utilizes world-renowned thought leadership material, but in the context of each emerging leader’s specific situation. Individual assessments also promote this, as do challenging projects in both years of the program.


How ELM Works

  • One group of approximately eight emerging leaders is launched each February; they work together as a cohort through October of the following year
  • Each ELM participant chooses a program Mentor from within their company; this person becomes a champion for the person’s growth and development
  • There are kick-off meetings each year of the program and six additional (5 hour) meetings each year. The cohorts do not meet in July, August, November, December or January
  • The emerging leaders are working on project-based development efforts, with accountability mechanisms, in the months that the group does not meet
  • The program costs $4,450 per year; financial support may be available in specific situations

What Do I get?

  • 14 sessions in 21 months; three are full-day sessions, all others run five hours
  • Customized reports (e.g. the Leadership Mirror 360) that allow each emerging leader to focus on the areas that will be most impactful for them
  • Deep learning focused on thought leaders, such as Jim Collins, Patrick Lencioni and Peter Drucker and application of the material to each individual person’s unique company situation
  • Tools and frameworks to help each person find the optimal way to think about and apply the ELM learning
  • A network to rely on: a program Mentor from the participants’ company, real-time coaching, a dynamic peer network and an accountability buddy for the project-based learning


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